4 Ways on How to Measure the Growth of Your Brand

Measuring the growth of the business is an essentially keeping track of the people who visit your website (web traffic) and mentions in, say social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Here are 5 way on how to measure brand building online.

1. Google Analytics – analytics.google.com

Let me start by mentioning that using Google Analytics to measure your brand building online progress is free. Google Analytics, which is managed by the Internet Mogul, Google, is considered among the best tools to measure website engagement. It gives you a comprehensive data report complete with graphs showing which keywords are more effective, which ones are not and so on and so forth.

What’s more, using this tool is quite easy. Simply set up your account, where you’ll give some information concerning the website/webpage you would like to monitor. Google will then send you a tracking code which you will paste onto the webpage(s) you would like to track. The final step is for you to wait to receive your report containing data on website traffic.

2. Parse.ly – www.parsely.com

Otherwise referred to as Dash, Parse.ly analytics software for web hosting is essentially designed for publishers, which makes it preferably for an e-commerce site. It measures web visitors as they read web content in order to generate their data. Despite being a premium service, it’s arguably the best analytics services for publishing websites and is used by big websites such as The Telegraph.

3. Piwik – www.piwik.org

Piwik is another free open-source software which works basically the same as Google Analytics, and it has some amazing as well. Aside from offering your accurate data, Piwik allows you to download its analytics software in what they call ‘100 percent data ownership.’ This basically means that you can install their software on your business servers and monitor the data independently. An alternative is to have a cloud-hosted Piwik service, which guarantees to still offer your 100 percent data ownership.

4. KISSMetrics – www.kissmetrics.com

KISSMetrics is your typical analytics software. Unlike Parse.ly which tracks articles and authors, this software generates data on web traffic. KISSMetrics’ dashboard gives you data such as Total Revenue, say if you have a web store. It also tells you that which order paths are popular as well as informing you of the most productive referral sources in order to help you in brand building online.

So there you have it. 5 tools which assist you in analysing you brand building online progress through analysing web traffic. Feel free to talk to us if you have questions, suggestions or inquiries on web hosting or web design.

Sharon Ruane

Sage, Virgin Media, McCann Erickson, she has a wealth of experience across industry leaders. Enabling all of them move simple marketers to intergrated teams of effecient and effect teams.

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