Just over 5 years ago Nathan worked for another hosting company that offered everything for cheap. Unlimited hosting packages, unlimited email and more options and addons than he could keep track off. After watching so many customer churn due to theses additions he decided to make his own hosting company that focused on SME’s, that’s when Solid Blue Liquid was born.

Based on the desire to offer the best service as possible to small businesses, giving them everything they need to grow their business without compromising their budgets we work to add features to everyones packages as they grow.

Thanks to this, within 3 years we’re already ranked in the top 10% of web hosting companies, we give free SSL certificates to all customers, we have various tiers of products based of your businesses need.

We’ve grown from 1 person to a multicultural team of support people based World wide offering you a true 24/7/365 support experience. We work tirelessly to increase performance, tune the servers for speed and improve our hardware (at no cost to you) so your site will always run the way you want it too.

We run all our own equipment, hosted in a datacenter in Newcastle which is fully redundant and resilient to most forms of disasters and attacks.

We keep evolving so we can handle whatever you need from us.

Our team

Great service isn’t good enough.

Excellence is what we aim for!

We started right

Our own HP equipment configured in full N+1 redundancy gives up the confidence to offer 99.9% uptime while still updating systems.

UK Based

Our datacentre has everything you expect, multiple redundancy switches, 4 seperate independant network connections, hardware and software firewalls. Backup on and offsite nightly.


All our team members are experts in Hosting and have at least 2 years experience working in the hosting industry

Relaxed Servers

All our servers are patched to the latest security requirements while keeping downtime to a minimum. We don't overload our servers and make sure they run smoothly at all times, enabling our promise of 99.9% uptime.

Our 24/7/365 help desk offers the best support.
Meet a few of the team below.


20 years in IT working for companies such as Sage, Ramsdens, Netapp, Zyma Technologies, he's a always sharing his experiences and teaching others to fix problems.

Customer Services Manager

Sage, Virgin Media, McCann Erickson, she has a wealth of experience across industry leaders. Enabling all of them move simple marketers to intergrated teams of effecient and effect teams.

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