About Solidblueliquid

Solidblueliquid is a UK-based web hosting company helping businesses worldwide through our simple, fast and reliable hosting. Founded in 2016 by Nathan Platt, Solidblueliquid has ranked in the top 10% of web hosting companies for the last three years.

We’ve grown from a one-man-band to a multicultural team of professionals based all over the world, providing support to over 500 customers.

We’re WordPress hosting specialists, meaning we have packages dedicated to the world’s number one CMS. We also provide flexible VPS and reseller hosting from our UK-based servers, so whatever your goal, we’ll be there to support you along the way.

Unlike many hosting companies, we manage all of our own equipment, hosted in a secure datacenter in Newcastle, which is resilient to most forms of disasters and attacks.

photo of nathan platt and a colleague at a computer fixing things at the data centre
photo of nathan in a blue t shirt carrying his daughter on his shoulders

Meet the MD

Nathan Platt started Solidblueliquid after many years working for large hosting companies that promote cheap hosting, where quantity is king and the customer is rarely number one. With unlimited hosting capacity, email mailboxes, add-ons and other bells and whistles, it’s easy to lose track of what really matters: the customer.

With over 20 years of experience working for companies such as Sage, Ramsdens, Netapp and Zyma Technologies, Nathan has both been a hosting provider and a customer, so he knows what it takes to grow your business online.

It all starts with a solid web hosting company you can trust. Ready to go? Get in touch with Nathan and the team, or browse our web hosting packages for WordPress, VPS and resellers today.