August, a new beginning…

So two years have passed for Solidblueliquid, in two years we’ve doubled our turnover and grown into a full service hosting company. With the installation of our new equipment we’ve moved from a small hosting company into larger scale supplier of VPS and hosting. Sure we’ve had our bumps, with a DDoS attack in Janurary and a outage in April, both we recovered from fully. Let’s start by covering what’s changed in a year.

We’re 24/7/365

We have a fully managed support desk that covers our ticketing system all year round

We’re N+1 (everywhere)

With multiple redundant switch paired together, our new san, our redundant servers, everything has multiple failover. You can remove half of all our equipment without any downtime. All the hardware has full automatic failover meaning that even when patching we don’t need to take servers offline. We can now take over 17 different hardware failure at the same time without anything going offline.

We’ve moved to cPanel

Plesk has been great but with some limitations, to make things easier we’ve moved all our customers to cPanel, all the flexiblity and still retaining all the speed you expect from your hosting.

We’ve rejigged our pricing

Packages start as little as £4 a month and discounts on top, we’ve made it affordable for everyone

We’ve moved to our new office

Studio 109 is a work in progress, it started off as a old fireplace shop and so far has moved on strength from strength.

Studio 109 from up high

Studio 109

So what’s next, we’ll be intergrating cloudflare over the coming months to help reduce load times further and offer more protection during DDoS attacks. All of which are free for customers.

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