Author: Sharon Ruane
GSuite and Its Benefits for Small Businesses over POP/IMAP

If you’ve been using email for some time, you will have become accustomed to how they work. In fact, many of us would have used some form of client to view emails, such as Outlook. While these solutions served a purpose during their initial launch, the way people work nowadays is much more streamlined and […]

Office 365: Why It’s Good for Businesses and Improves Your Redundancies

Regardless of whether your business sells to other businesses or to the public, there will often be some form of structure in place that helps a business work to the best of its abilities. Although technology has been at the core of the business world for some time, it’s only recently we’ve seen it evolve […]

4 Ways to Monetise Your Blog

Creating money from writing content on topics you love and passionate about is something that would bring joy and regular smiles in your life. Your blog could be the loophole to reach millions of dollars in minutes or seconds depending on how serious you invest on it. It is not a one-day achievement but rather […]

4 Ways on How to Measure the Growth of Your Brand

Measuring the growth of the business is an essentially keeping track of the people who visit your website (web traffic) and mentions in, say social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Here are 5 way on how to measure brand building online. 1. Google Analytics – Let me start by mentioning that using […]