WordPress 5.8, the end of site builders?

    WP 5.8 introduces a new way of building websites by bringing the first features falling under the broader project known as Full Site Editing. The vision behind Full Site Editing is to provide a collection of tools and features allowing WordPress users to build an entire website using blocks. With Full Site Editing, we’ll see many blocks […]

    WordPress 5.7: It’s Time to Update

    In a recent beta test announcement, WordPress highlighted the upcoming release of its 5.7 update. Unfortunately, many businesses will ignore the prompt to update their websites to the latest and greatest WordPress version. By dodging the latest updates, you will miss out on the new features, and you could even be putting your data at […]

    How to improve your WordPress website security

    A website security breach could cost you more than you think. Without proper website security measures in place, you are putting your business data at risk. Fortunately, as a WordPress website owner, there are key steps which you can take to protect your website and, ultimately, keep your customers and data online.  Rather than waiting […]

    What Is Web Hosting and Why Do You Need It?

    Whether you’re hiring a web designer or trying your hand at building your own online presence, you’ll need to know the lingo. By taking the time to understand what web hosting is and why you need it, you’ll be able to make the right decision about your own website and, ultimately, your business’ online shopfront. […]

    The end of Centos as we know it!

    Centos has been the most stable Linux flavour loved by the majority of business who didn’t need the support of REHL. So to everyone’s surprise Centos has been EOL (end of life) as we know it. Previously Centos would run just behind REHL on updates meaning it could see what went wrong and potentially fix […]

    WordPress 5.6 – Last of 2020

    WordPress 5.6 is the next major WordPress release that’s soon going to be available. Today we’re excited to deep dive with you into the most interesting features and additions being merged into Core. Like previous releases, WordPress 5.6 includes several versions of the Block Editor enhancing the editing experience for WordPress users who don’t have the […]

    Five Tips To Keep Your Website Safe

    So you have your online presence. Your business is visible, you are building your brand awareness. One of the most important things your customers are looking for is website security and there are many reasons why you should make this a priority too. 1. Choose a reliable and capable host. Choose one hosted in your […]

    The Key Features Your Website Homepage Needs

    How much thought have you given to your website homepage? How much time do you think your customers spend looking at it? If someone is considering becoming your customer, you can guarantee they will spend some time checking out your homepage. It’s your chance to nail the 1st Impression, to start a conversation with your […]

    Website security: Top 5 tips to keep your site safe

    You may well be thinking, why would anyone want to hack my site? But data breaches happen all the time and are non-discriminative in who they affect. Often, your site won’t have specifically been targeted, but automated hacking programs will search the web for sites with weak spots. To protect yourself from even the most […]

    Why you NEED to mobile optimise your site

    Did you know that 57% of all web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets? If you have a website, and it’s not mobile ready, you could be turning off over half of your potential site visitors. We’re always on the move and smart phones have become a huge part of our lives, spending an […]