Is php 5.6 still supported. No is the short answer! What do this mean for you?
cPanel control the major share of hosting panels on the internet currently, and have wisely decided that it’s time for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 go end of life. So lets investigate what this means for you and your website and why they are removing them.Let’s start with what effect it has on you.

PHP runs your site

Modern internet sites like WordPress use PHP for everything, without it your site wouldn’t work. PHP is a scripting language used in web design (and lots of other things), if you have a site that was built in the last year or 2 then likelihood it’ll run on 7.x (which is great news), however if its older there’s a chance it still runs on PHP 5.x.

What’s the difference and why should i care?

Both PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 reached End of Life at the beginning of the year, and are no longer receiving any security patches from PHP. This means that every day you continue to use these systems your website/web app becomes easier to hack. Why? Well hackers won’t stop trying to break into these systems, so when they manage to do it no one will fix it. This means that once someone finds a way in, everyone will know it in the hacker communities and then all they need to do is find a site running on of these outdated systems and they are in.

What can you do about it?

Are you already on php 7.0? Great, just go into the control panel via our client area then go to login to cpanel, search for PHP and select the PHP Manger button, change PHP to 7.3 and that’s it. If your site works on 7.0 it should work on 7.3.

Are you on php 5.6 or less? Our suggestion is to create a staging site first. Then on the staging site switch straight to 7.3, if your site is fine and everything loads then upgrade the actual site. If not you need to contact the theme developer and ask them to fix it so you can use the site on 7.3 as soon as possible.

What happens if i can’t afford to hire a developer to fix it?

We’ve all been here, and sometimes you have to work around it as best as you can. First thing to do is assume that it’s not your theme, use your staging site and upgrade everything, plugins, wordpress version, anything you can. If that doesn’t fix it, disable plugins one by one, if that solves your problem great.

If nothing else works…

You’re going to have to be very careful from now on. Take regular backups of your sites incase it’s hacked. (we already take hourly/nightly/daily and weekly backups for you, but do your own as well). Change your password and username to something more random, install a firewall like wordfence and configure it to be strict.

Prevention is most definitely better than the cure. If you need help with anything listed here, or just want a friendly chat contact us at or call in on 01642 262326

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