Don’t be on the naughty list: Check your site twice to see if it’s naughty or nice

Christmas present backdropChristmas sneaks up on most of us every year, summer passes by then Halloween and then it’s Christmas shopping! For ecommerce sites this is the time of year you’ve been waiting for, so it’s crucial to get it right. Let’s talk about how to get your site on the nice list for Santa and his elves.

Before you dive in and implement all these changes, think about the time you have and focus on the ones you can achieve. If you don’t think you have time to add a new feature, don’t do it. Fix everything you have and then after Christmas get the rest done. So let’s start and as they say ‘Don’t Panic’ (in big friendly letters)

Review your product Catalogue

Have you heard of a product feed? If not let’s start here, a product feed is an Excel, .txt or .xml file that contains all your products information. This is sent to channels like Google Shopping to let it know what you have to sell. Optimising this feed can equal huge returns in revenue and more ROAS (return on ad spend, if you’re spending money on ads!)

Create your product catalogue

You’ve read the last paragraph and said… ‘I don’t have a product catalogue, and what’s google shopping’ don’t worry it can be really easy to get your product catalogue with WordPress. Firstly go and install Woo Products Table, this displays all the products as a table (or shortcode). Download this and then go and create an account with Google Merchant Center, upload it to there and your products will show on Googles’ product search (another way to get your products seen.

You’ve not optimised everything, time for some manual labour

Polish off the elves tools and get everything optimised (this is a after Christmas job if you have a large catalogue.) If you have to do it manually the google product taxonomy ( is crucial for the product ads as it helps identify if products in given feed are a good match for customer queries! You have to include the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for each product in your catalogue, this is going to be tedious but you can do it in a time for Christmas if you start now! (We believe in you)

Ask an expert (if you haven’t got the time)

Come have a chat with us and we’ll point you to a few trusted companies that can help you do this. If you’re going to stress too much, it’s better to pay someone to do it right!

REVIEWS! We can’t say this enough

We love reviews and so should you! The more reviews you have the better, they don’t have to be perfect 5 stars but genuine 4 stars are better than 5! We read reviews from our customers all the time and gain feedback on how to improve, and we use them for finding suppliers, suppliers who look too perfect often are. We always read the best and worse!

The truth here is, you can’t please everyone and people know this, but if no one’s reviewed you how will we know if you’re any good. So here’s our top tips for getting reviews;


They have purchased from you already and you have a connection, so reach out, say HI and ask them to review you. Make sure you give them simple links to your review pages, not overly complex things. Here’s a good and bad example.

Good Example

Like what we do?

We hope your move has been smooth and hassle free, and we’ve love to have your review based on this experience. Please review us below on any of the platforms you prefer, just click on the name it’ll take you to the review;

Thank you for choosing us.

Bad Example

Like what we do?

Review us on Google, search for us by name to find us

Thank you for choosing us.

Make it easy, single clicks!

Reward them!

Give them a discount on their next purchase or something free, people want something for their time, be genuine but nice

Don’t ignore negative feedbackFeedback

This is the most important! Negative feedback is a great opportunity to show them what your customer service is capable off!  Reach out, find out what happened, do it as publically as possible. Solve their problem, make them feel welcomed and respected. If you’ve done your job well, they will either redact the review or improve it!

FAQ’s are you friend

People don’t want to have to contact you all the time to ask questions, and you don’t want this either. Simple questions about delivery can be covered in a FAQ. Size variations can be covered in the FAQ, anything you’ve been asked before should be on the FAQ.

Categorise your FAQ into sensible areas! Make sure delivery questions are in the same section (link them to other sections, but make it easy to find), make the answers simple! If its paragraphs long few will read it, keep it short and sweet.

Okay so hopefully this help you get started! Get that site ready for Christmas and make it work hard for you (so you can enjoy eggnog and Christmas dinner!)



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