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How much is a SSL Certificate, I hear Google wants them now.

Good News! You can have them for free, Let's Encrypt is installed on our servers as standard, with a push of a few buttons you can have the padlock and https on your site. We offer paid alternatives for ecommerce sites, these start as little as £20 a year!

I don't know how to make a website, do you have anything to help me?

You're in luck, we have loads of options for you. Firstly you can try using, its a simple point and click editor that'll let you build from a template or just build from sctrach. No coding, just push a button and go! You can also install WordPress, magneto, Durpal and many more with one click and go for it yourself!

What happens if i delete something, can i get it back?

Everything is backed up overnight, we do off-site encrpyted backups at midnight. We can restore your site back to then within a few hours, so nothing is ever lost!

I keep hearing about DDOS, i'm scared and confused, what are they and how can you stop them.

DDOS are scary, but let me explain what they are. You website can have a lot of traffic daily from multiple sources without problems, a DDOS exploits this and overloads it with more traffic than it can handle, there's no way to stop it but we can slow it down and keep your site running. Using our firewalls and Cloudflare we can handle massive DDOS for hours without having to do anything. Don't let it keep you up at night, that's our job!

My site streams music/video, do i need to worry about bandwidth

Simple answer no!

Why should i go with you and not someone else?

We're based in Middlesbrough up in the North East of England, and are incredably respected by our customers and digital agencies across the region. We do our best to get to know you, offer advice on how to improve your site, we've fixed email for loads of our clients and some competitors because we believe that if you can do it right, you should do it right. We don't just look after the north east, we have clients based in Spain, Germany and Canada. So you don’t necessarily need to be a Geordie/Mackam or Smoggie to take advantage of our services, whether you are from the North East, North West, Europe or the rest of the world, we can find the right web hosting to suit your needs.

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