The right features for you, everything you need!

Cloudlinux, Plesk the perfect partners!

Cloudlinux, a kernal based off Centos, based entirely off Redhat. The most stable and trusted Linux out their. The strong slient type to keep everything secure! It places you all in jails, meaning that when one user is abusing your site will remain online.

Plesk is just easy, the Apple of the web hosting world, easy to manage panel, simple controls and still has the power, offering you root ssh where needed, FTP and one click installs.

Simple and Free Transfer!

Plesk offers a wonderful tool to help you transfer from your old hosting to us, if that fails we’ll do it manually for you. We’re here to make this as simple as possible for you!

Nagios Core and Logserver the Perfect Pair!

We can’t promise we’re always watching, but we can promise Nagios is! It monitors and records uptime, cpu load, disk usage, users logged in and a whole lot more, infact we’re always pushing it to do more

Nagios Logserver is the perfect safety net, it downloads the logs from all our servers to a off-site location. This means in the event of the unspeakable we know what the server knows (or knew), it won’t stop the problem, but it’ll mean we can find out what caused it and stop it happening again!

We won’t promise 100% and you’ll be glad we don’t!

99.99% uptime means we can update our servers, keep them fully patched and secured with all the latest updates. We balance this with maintaining the highest level of uptime we can. This balance is so important, that we promise to refund time back for any unplanned downtime!

Weekly off-site backups as standard!

We want to make sure your site is protected as much as we want our equipment protected, that’s why we backup all the content from the server to a remote location every week. Why charge you for something we’re already doing!

Of course we’re ready! PHP7 is avaliable for all customers.

We use 5.6 native on all our servers, but thanks to cloudlinux, you can change your hosting package to use 7 whenever you like, it’ll even let you install additional packages to help make your move as smooth as possible!

Psst… Yes its free, don’t tell the boss.

400 + one click installers, growing daily!

With the help of softaculous we offer everyone over 400 install one click installers for your domain, no need to root in and install Joomla, Mambo, or any of your favorite programs, just click install and its done!

IPv6 Standard, and Free for ALL

Have a dedicated IP for free with shared hosting using IPv6, the new more secure protocol for the modern internet age. No more subnets, private IP ranges, just one simple address for you to use.

Only the Best for our customers
Solid, Reliable HP Servers, Running XenServer 7.2

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