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Five Tips To Keep Your Website Safe

So you have your online presence. Your business is visible, you are building your brand awareness. One of the most important things your customers are looking for is website security and there are many reasons why you should make this a priority too.

1. Choose a reliable and capable host. Choose one hosted in your home country which you can easily contact and speak to a real human if needed. Ensure they have everything protected with Enterprise level hardware, keeping you safe from hackers. Our Solid blue Liquid secured servers have full failover for your websites, we test again and again to give you the best speeds, and security.

2. Choose the right content management system. Your CMS is the tool used to actually build your website and manage the content. The best ones are continually updating their plug ins and protection as and when threats arise. The most popular CMS are WordPress and Joomla and are fairly user friendly. Updates are easy to carry out.

3. Keep your plug ins and add ons up to date. Regardless of whether they are for security or functionality. It’s imperative they are kept up to date. However, always, always carry out a back up first!

4. Use reliable passwords. Frequent data breaches are as a result of weak and inadequate passwords. Cypersecurity experts recommend a mix of original passwords with a variety of symbols, letters, number and a mix of upper and lower case. Two-factor authentification (2FA) is an excellent screening technique used to prevent hacking.

5. Ensure your website has an SSL certificate. (Secure Sockets Layer). Secure transactions are absolutely critical for a business and https or a padlock symbol displayed alongside your web address not only instills confidence in your customers but also helps with Google showing your website in results pages.

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