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Get Email, Calendar, Docs & Drive for your business.
G-Suite Basic

Perfect to get started

  • Business email addresses (
  • Video and voice calls
  • Integrated online calendars
  • Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides
  • Easy to create project sites
  • Security and admin controls
  • 5GB Space
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G-Suite Business

Best web hosting package for multiple websites

  • Unlimited Storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users)
  • Advanced admin controls for Drive
  • Audit and reporting insights for Drive content and sharing
  • Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides
  • Google Vault for eDiscovery covering emails, chats, docs and files
  • Easily search and export to different formats
  • Archive all emails sent by your company
  • Set message retention policies
  • Place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes
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Still have questions?
We've answered some of the common ones below.
If I only want one of the products, do i have to buy the entire suite?

Yes, G Suite by Google Cloud is designed as an all-in-one solution with integrated tools that work seamlessly together. For instance, you can receive a message in Gmail and instantly convert it into a Calendar event. When you make a comment in Docs, Sheets or Slides, collaborators automatically receive email alerts. With a single click, you can launch a Hangouts video meeting from your inbox or calendar. Using these tools as a complete package improves productivity while giving your business the most value. However, you are welcome to purchase the suite and only use the services of your choice.

What is the difference between G Suite by Google Cloud and my current free email?

G Suite by Google Cloud includes Google’s Gmail service, which replaces your current email service, if you have it enabled. You can only have one email service on your domain name at the same time.

How many email boxes can i get when i purchase G Suite?

There's no limit on the number of users

Do I need a domain name in order to use G Suite?

To use G Suite by Google Cloud, you need your domain. Your domain name is what appears after the www. in your website URL. If you already have a domain, enter it when you sign up. (You’ll be asked to verify that you own the domain.) If you don’t have a domain or want a different one, you can purchase a domain of your choice (if available) when you sign up for G Suite by Google Cloud.

How do i access my G Suite Manager?

  • On the G Suite home page, click on “Manage G Suite” in the top right corner.
  • Right after your G Suite purchase, on the order confirmation page, click on the green button “Continue to activate your Google account”.
  • Go to your Account Dashboard by logging in, then scroll down to the Web Services section and click on G Suite by Google Cloud link.
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