IT Consultany for any size business

No problem too big or small, printers, wifi, storage solutions, we can help.

Need better WiFi? Internet isn't up to speed, computers slow? Off-site storage? Let us worry about the IT!

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Simple Secure Web Hosting services, based in the UK.
Why you should choose us for your on-line business

Specialist WiFi from Unifi

Replace multiple WiFi points with just one device, with speeds from 300Mbps up to 1700Mbps!

Remote Support

Using remote software we can jump in and fix most problems remotely, saving you time (and money).

Fibre, VoIP, leased lines, and more

Built for all businesses, simple, easy and affordable, from a company you can trust.

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We have over 20 years of IT Support experience,

We've worked with HP, Dell, Apple, Netapp... we can help

No issue too small from password to server crashes, we can help

Can't remember the password to that database or PDF, or your computer won't turn on, we can help!

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Do you offer colocation?

Everything from a single U up to entire racks, we can offer fully you solution including dedicated switches, 10Gbit connections, or fully unmetered 100Mbps connections. For those who don't need speed but move a lot. Ask us for a quote and we'll customise it for your needs.

You mentioned off site storage?

Yes! We have a fully N+1 SAN, with tonnes of storage available for you. We can segment off part of this for you and give you a dedicated connection between 10Mbps and 10Gbit, ranging from unlimited traffic to metered, it all depends on how quick you move the data. We can customise this to your specifications email us for a quote!

Do you rent servers?

Yes, we can can provide you anything from a celeron (for those testing environments) to Xeon's you tell us what you need and we'll have it ready.

What sort of consultancy do you do?

We've already helped companies fit state of the art WiFi systems in homes for directors and offices. We've worked for Ramsdens Financial and developed their new branch WiFi setup, along with Studio 109 in Middlesbrough. Both have seen a substantial improvement on their range and speed.

Our internet is slow, but we're not in the best place, can you help?

We use multiple suppliers to give us multiple options, give us a location, a specification and we'll search for a solution. If we can't find it, we'll help you find someone who can. Send us your challenge and let's see what we can do!

Why should i go with you and not someone else?

We're based in Middlesbrough up in the North East of England, and are incredibly respected by our customers and digital agencies across the region. We do our best to get to know you, offer advice on how to improve your business, we've fixed problems for loads of our clients and some competitors because we believe that if you can do it right, you should do it right. We don't just look after the north east, we have clients based in Spain, Germany and Canada. So you don’t necessarily need to be a Geordie/Mackam or Smoggie to take advantage of our services, whether you are from the North East, North West, Europe or the rest of the world, we can find the right web hosting to suit your needs.

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