Carbon is everyone’s problem and more so for companies like us, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Ecologi to offset some of the carbon we produce.

We’ve taken an extremely proactive approach to ensuring our services are carbon neutral (or as close to it as we can get!). We’ve calculated our entire energy usage, and offset it.

This includes web server power consumption, as well as staff consumption and commute estimations.

How we offset

We aim to remove 20 Tonnes of Carbon a year or more, but this is a fluid target. We contribute based on the usage of our servers and equipment, since all our equipment is new and up-to-date and we use the energy saving setting where possible. We offset all of our usage irrespective of the source.

In our first year we offset around 100,000 miles in a car, or 9 long haul flights, and we want to do more!

We undertake tree planting projects in our office locations, and also through partner organisations and charities, the largest being Ecologi (formerly known as, who provide verifiable figures and information relating to their tree planting projects. You can find out more about our Ecologi contributions here.

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