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No need to Fear Brexit… We’ll still be here!

Brexit, the one thing keeping businesses awake in the UK and abroad, but how does it all affect us and which industries need worry the most? It’s a difficult one to call, but there are some clear looser and winners, and a lot of businesses not affected, at least yet.

Is this a time to re-ignite national pride? We think it is, time to look for everything made in Britain.

We were once proud builders, makers and thinkers, exporting goods across the world, and now its time to help each other.

At Solidblueliquid, we work with UK Suppliers, UK Datacentres, Hire UK staff and work within the community to support UK businesses. We promise to always work with UK companies when we can and will always prove where everything came from!

In our industry we are surrounded with European countries and internation businesses taking from our local businesses, so rest assured that we are entirely UK owned and run.

Come talk to us if you want to support British over European.

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