Office 365: Why It’s Good for Businesses and Improves Your Redundancies

Regardless of whether your business sells to other businesses or to the public, there will often be some form of structure in place that helps a business work to the best of its abilities. Although technology has been at the core of the business world for some time, it’s only recently we’ve seen it evolve as such a rapid pace.

In fact, recent innovations can occur so fast, some businesses may not even know that there’s an easier and more cost-effective way of managing their workflow.

While email and telephone do support the backbone of any business, the key to progress is streamlining the way we work, and this is often done via the use of a dedicated solution, such as Office 365.

The Benefits for Businesses

There was once a time when working away from the office involved a large briefcase and endless phones calls. Fortunately, business solutions such as Office 365 have picked up the slack and made the modern working day a more productive and stress-free endeavour.

For example, using Office 365 ensures that your documents, spreadsheets and other form of information is secured in the cloud. This means that even if you lose our laptop, you will still have access to the files from another device.

There can also be instances where fires and floods could also damage devices and hard drives, meaning that should anything happen, you could be struggling to maintain the business moving forward.

Using Office 365 not only ensures work is kept tact but allows users to work from any location. And should you have an active Internet connection to hand, you can breeze through any contracts or document amendments with ease, as it can all be carried out in real time. No more having to wait for e-mails.

E-mail is another benefit of the Office 365 productivity suite. Sure, there are free ones available, but these are usually blighted by ads and don’t offer much flexibility when it comes to business use, as it offers corporate email secured by Microsoft, as well as an astonishing 150 MB attachment allowance for emails.

Reduce Your Redundancy

Although more conventional tools did serve a purpose, nowadays business owners need to get more done in less time. The demands for today’s entrepreneurs can be overwhelming sometimes, and it may not seem like a productivity suite like Office 365 would make any difference, but the fact that you essentially have access to your business on the go means that you’re never having to leave any tasks until later, which means that you’re able to manage your business regardless of whether your inside or outside of the office.

There’s also the fact that you’re not having to invest in several different tools, as you will have access to a series of different business apps, such as Word, OneNote and PowerPoint, which will all work in conjunction with each other, for a fraction of the price.

Sharon Ruane

Sage, Virgin Media, McCann Erickson, she has a wealth of experience across industry leaders. Enabling all of them move simple marketers to intergrated teams of effecient and effect teams.