Re-purposing an Old Machine to Something New… The trendy thing, and why I can’t do it!

In our office sits one of the old iMac G4’s, the first flatscreen with the half circle base. It has a fantastic 800Ghz G4 Processor, not even a 1GB Ram and by all standards a modern Raspberry Pi 3 can run rings around it.

So why won’t I touch it, why won’t I upgrade this machine like I would any other computer out there? Nostalgic reasons? Overly Complicated? I honestly can’t put my finger on it… its just hardware, its no different to the graphics card I replaced at Christmas, but for some reason I *won’t* touch it.

I found myself debating why, i find a list is helpful in organising my ideas and helping me move forward;

  1. Modernise this machine
  2. Install Linux and make it a usable machine
  3. Watch TV on it/Kodi Box?
  4. Use it as a Apple TV

All good ideas, but I couldn’t do it. I think what upsets me about touching it is the fact that it still works! Running Mac OS Panther (the latest OS Apple did for the G4 chips), it boots up, plays music, even plays videos… the hinged stand works so why do it!


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