The Benefits of Using a Domain Name Over a Generic Email Address

Regardless of whether we’re just starting a business, or looking to expand an existing brand, there will be times when we’re looking to keep costs low. One instance can be using a generic email for your business from a provider such as Google or Microsoft.

Although these types of email are ideal for personal use, they can be limited when it comes to growing your business in the right way. Although there can be a cost associated with a using domain-based email, this is outweighed by the many benefits available, an example of which is as follows:

A Domain Name Presents a Professional Image

It stands to reason that many business owners take pride in their business and will ensure that it’s operated in the right way. However, the use of a generic email such as Outlook or Gmail may give potential customer the impression that you’re not professional.

Of course, this can be counteracted by good reviews and building a reputation in general, but it can be more long-winded that using a domain-based email in the first instance.

A Better Form of Communication Overall

Although the use of free email allows for different options when sending messages, there can still be constraints in place when using email for business purposes.

Some companies may only communicate with customers now and again, whereas others may use email daily. Regardless of how much you use your email, there will be times when attachments need to be made, and the use of free email could mean that you’re having to send several emails as opposed to one due to the large attachment.

The use of a domain-based email will mean that it’s tailored for business users, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to the sizes of files being sent via email.

Online Security

During the initial stages of your business, a free email service may seem suitable. However, as your business expands, there is the likelihood that customers will do a majority of their communication via email, depending on the nature of your business.

While a free email service may be fine for signing up for products and staying in touch with friends, it will not offer the security and protection that a paid service offers. What’s more, the running of a professional email address doesn’t actually cost that much, especially when it counteracts a lot of the risks posed by free email services.

Keep the Momentum Going

If a business was to use a free email service, there could be a series of consequences depending on the solution used. In some instances, the provider may stop operating, meaning that only have you lost your email address, but also the contents. It also makes it more difficult for past customer to contact you.

Having a domain-based email not only ensures you’re protected, but it also ensures you have a communication method that’s going to be in place for the long-term, meaning contact with customers will be a much more straightforward endeavour.