The end of Centos as we know it!

Centos has been the most stable Linux flavour loved by the majority of business who didn’t need the support of REHL. So to everyone’s surprise Centos has been EOL (end of life) as we know it. Previously Centos would run just behind REHL on updates meaning it could see what went wrong and potentially fix issues before releasing it to the world. How the Centos foundation plan to do things now is to have a continually evolving system know as Centos Stream, on this system they will actually be one ahead of REHL which means you’re more exposed to bugs and problems.

So why the change? We’ve been expecting a change in the platform for while, all since IBM got involved.

What happens to Centos 6,7 and 8? Well it’s not good news, Centos 6 is already EOL and if you’re still on it you need to move as soon as possible to avoid being hit with kernel errors or known bugs that let criminals in. So logically you’ll move to 8, but bad news 8 has been given an end date for support as Dec 2021, meaning there’s only a year left. 7 however has almost 10 years of support left… so should you change to 7 or go to Debian or Ubuntu, well the answer is… any will work, but if you’re used to Centos and you need it, go to 7 and not 8.

What about long term? What do we do?

Well Centos maybe dead as we know it but Cloudlinux have already announced they are working on Centos clone which will be completely free and have announced that they will be supporting Cloudlinux 8 for years to come! Surprisingly as well the CTO of Centos have announced Rocky Linux which is surprising since they just dropped Centos! The surprise is why they got rid of it, 19% servers on the internet use Centos… after reading this on the register

”One thing that Red Hat has not stated is why it is ceasing development of CentOS Linux. The most likely reason is that the company questioned why it was sponsoring an alternative to its commercial offering, as hinted in community manager Rich Bowen’s statement: “If you… are concerned that CentOS Stream will not meet your needs, we encourage you to contact Red Hat about options.”

So even if a new OS does come from them it seems unlikely that the open source and power of Centos will ever be the same.

How we will adapt our systems?

The good news is most of our systems are Cloudlinux which means that we’re covered by their updates and features, meaning that Cloudlinux 8 will be supported until 2029, our Centos7/Cloudlinux7 systems will still be supported until 2024. Cpanel have already announced their support

We have decided however to no longer offer our VPS customers Centos 8, but are still supporting 7, you can purchase any of our VPS using this link

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

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