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The Key Features Your Website Homepage Needs

How much thought have you given to your website homepage? How much time do you think your customers spend looking at it? If someone is considering becoming your customer, you can guarantee they will spend some time checking out your homepage.

It’s your chance to nail the 1st Impression, to start a conversation with your visitor or potential customer. They will want to gain an overview of what you offer and how you can help them. It is your virtual shop window. This is where they will decide if your product or service meets their needs and if they can trust you to deliver what you promise. To do this, your site needs some essential elements.


Logo & Business Name

Your logo definitely needs to be visible, it is a strong part of your brand identity. Don’t be tempted to display this too large or too prominently, it’s tempting to think this is the most important part of your homepage but remember that space is at a premium so keep it simple and tidy – the top left corner is the usual choice.

Information about your business

Your visitors should find your homepage clear and easy to understand what your business is. Don’t make your reader work hard to find out what you are all about. It is important that your message is clear, simple and should be positioned ‘above the fold’ this means they don’t have to scroll down to find the information. You can give more information further down the page.

An image related to you or your business

This is often an afterthought and businesses can easily get this wrong by using a standard stock image. This is easily spotted and can seem unauthentic. Instead, use images of your own product or services or you. You can use images of your team, your product in use or of your customers using your products (with permission).

Easy to use navigation

Once on your site, make it really easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for and find out more about your business. A clear navigation header with easy to understand menu is a must. You should also have a footer, this can include navigational links. Both the navigation header and the footer should both appear on all pages of your website.

A call to action

Visitors to your website is great, but your aim is to get those visitors to become customers. Your homepage will help this by having clear instructions for your visitors to take the next steps. This is a call to action, Where to find more information? How to Buy? Contact Us? Click here, etc. They are a crucial part of your website and customer journey.

 Social Proof

Who better to sing your praises than your actual happy customers? They are far more valuable than you to tell potential customers how great you are. Use testimonials, reviews and ratings, numbers and statistics, press mentions.

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Access to more content

Not everyone who visits your homepage will be ready to sign up or buy immediately so give them more content to read. This could be how-to-guides, videos or blog posts. Give them easy to follow navigation and give them more value, educate about your product or service and how it can benefit them.

A newsletter sign up

An email newsletter allows you to stay in touch with existing and potential customers. Have a sign up on your homepage. Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch and gives opportunities to grab their attention, spread news and offers to gain business.

All of these are easily set up using our free sitebuilder so you won’t even need web building experience. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your web hosting needs.

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