What is a VPS and why do I need one?

VPS Servers

What is a VPS and why do I need one?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This virtual machine is provided by a Virtual Private Server hosting company and hosts your website online. To have a website, you need to have your website files on a web server.

Common uses of a VPS are: web servers, email servers, ecommerce servers and development servers – with root access, you can use it for anything you like!

How does VPS hosting work?

Instead of possessing the physical hardware needed to run a site, VPS hosting allows you to virtually own it. Even though the physical server is shared, the virtual server you are using will be reserved only for you and your website. You, therefore, don’t share your CPU, RAM or any other data with anyone else.

Think of your VPS as living in an apartment block – you have your own secure, lockable and private unit. You have neighbours, but they are in their own units/apartments. Their actions don’t impact you and yours don’t impact them.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

  • Privacy – VPS hosting is incredibly secure. Your own virtual server is created just for you, meaning that no other website shares it.
  • Customisable – With a VPS, you have your own operating system that can be designed to work for you in any way you see fit.
  • Control – You can restart your VPS system at any time, without disrupting anyone else’s service. Your isolated environment doesn’t impact anyone else’s, and vice versa.
  • Speed – On a VPS, you’re not sharing your available RAM with anyone – keeping your site on top form.
  • Cost – Using a shared, virtual service, like a VPS, is much more cost effective than purchasing and running your own server. However, you have almost as much access as someone who does own their own server.

Why do I need VPS hosting?

  • If you’re looking for speed, upgrading to VPS hosting is the next step. As you gradually add content or functions to your site, it will start to slow down. VPS hosting gives you room to grow, without slowing you down.
  • Starting to see those pesky 503-server errors? Chances are, you’re out of memory. If you’re on a shared server, that’ll be your neighbours hogging the resources – switching to VPS hosting with negate this issue entirely.
  • When you’re on a shared server and one site gets attacked, there’s a chance that you could all go down. With cyber-attacks on the rise, a VPS will put your mind at rest by isolating you from potential breaches.
  • With full access, you can install and customise any software that you’d like to improve your hosting experience. You can even install your chosen operating system.

How does SolBlu VPS hosting work?

At our Newcastle datacentre, we provide your VPS hosting. Our data centre is fully network neutral – which means that we have internet connections from multiple suppliers with excellent peering to other countries. Only authorised personnel with Enhanced Criminal checks are allowed near our equipment, along with 24/7 CCTV coverage and security – your data is safe from physical attacks, as well as cyber-attacks.

How do I find out more about VPS hosting?

Check out our simple video explanation, or get in touch with our dedicated sales support team to discuss your unique requirements.

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