Why you NEED to mobile optimise your site

SEO in scrabble tilesDid you know that 57% of all web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets? If you have a website, and it’s not mobile ready, you could be turning off over half of your potential site visitors. We’re always on the move and smart phones have become a huge part of our lives, spending an average of 5 hours a day on our devices.

From email marketing to streaming and web surfing – we rely on our devices to get connected. Need convincing? Here’s a few more reasons why you need to mobile optimise your site.

Your SEO will thank you

Google always has our best interests at heart. When it comes to boosting your SEO, having a mobile optimised site will do you the world of good. If you want to know how good your mobile optimisation is and what you can do to make it better, check out Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

You’re the first port of call

51% of consumers say they use mobile surfing to discover new brands. If your site is mobile optimised and ranking highly, you might just be the first brand they see when they’re looking into your industry or product – but not if you’re not mobile ready.

Your customers care about mobile

You might think that having a website is all you need to attract customers, but sadly, that’s not the case. Consumers are 89% more likely to recommended a brand if they’ve had a positive experience on mobile – and 46% would never purchase from a brand again if they had a negative mobile experience.  When you’re looking at statistics like that, mobile optimisation seems to be a no brainer, right?

Your clients want to buy on mobile

Mobile purchasing can fast track the buying process by 20% – because it’s simple and easy for customers to make purchasing decisions on the go. 40% of online transactions are now carried out on mobile. If you’re not giving consumers the option to purchase your product or service at the point of finding you, they’ll likely navigate to a competitor that does.

There’s no shortage of reasons to get mobile optimised. With more consumers owning a smart phone than a toothbrush (yes, we know, yuck!), the mobile revolution is set to keep on expanding. If you haven’t looked into mobile optimising your site yet, there’s no time like the present! Get on top of your SEO and get mobile ready – you’ll thank us later.

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